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- hohe Verfügbarkeit (99,98%)
- optimal schnell
- Hosting seit fast 9 Jahren
- Support auch am SA/SO
- hohe Sicherheit
- Domain-Selbstverwaltung
- Nameserver inklusive
- auch für Reseller

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- unverbindliche Vorschau
- höchste Datensicherheit
- Freischaltung direkt online

You can change later to a other operating system!
 Product:   VPS Power 301
Type Festplatte:
Operating-System: List too old OS-Versions
 Price yearly: 
 279.95 €
 Setup Costs:
 0.00 €
 279.95 €
 Prices included the 21.00 % IVA (MwSt/Vat)!
 The correct TAX % will been calculated in the next steps of order process!!
 For clients outside EU or with EU-IVA-Number, the TAX will been reduced to 0%!
 No shipping costs! The performance data of the well-chosen
 product is listed below. You must accept our Terms & Conditions!


Diskspace300 GB SATA or 100 GB SSD (1)
RAM minimum7168 MB (7 GB)
RAM burstable10240 MB (10 GB)
CPU4 Core
(1) SSD-Disk-Drive is selectable only in order process! A changing from SSD to SATA
can been processed via the Webinterface for server one times, when you need more
disk space as SSD is posible! With SATA you have then the maximum diskspace!
A reverse change from SATA to SSD is not possible or you can order a manually
update to next modell with SSD!
Admin-Interface with Start/Stop/Restart/Neuinstallation/Change OS
Div. Operating-Systeme selectable, expl. Debian 4.x / 5.x / 6.x/7.x,
CentOs 4.x / 5.x / 6.x, Fedora Core 13 / 14 / 15, Open Suse 10,
Scientific 6, Ubunto 8 / 10 / 11
Flat-Rate: Traffic in normal usable is included. We hold the right to
change the speed down to 10 MBit/sec as you use more Traffic as
20-times of the used Diskspace.
For backups, the customer is responsible!
Our terms and the contract for root-servers is obligatory!